About Us


The Hopeful Romantics,

Nathaniel and Gillian

Nathaniel and Gillian grew up in the same small town in Massachusetts, but it was years later when they first met. Their first date was at the Topsfield Fair, the oldest agricultural fair in the United States. In 2015, they returned not far from where their romance began to start Lillooet Sheep and Cheesery.  



Nathaniel is the farmer at Lillooet Sheep & Cheesery. Sheep whisperer? Almost. He tends the farm and flock to maintain happy sheep and fruitful ground, all for the best possible milk, meat and wool. With degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies from Hobart College, he has worked to promote a more sustainable lifestyle for many years. Before sheep tending, he worked for the City of Boston to promote cycling and sustainable transport. His first taste of farm life came at Cricket Creek Farm milking majestic Brown Swiss and Jersey cows. Every day Nathaniel works to make Lillooet capable of positively impacting its community through sustainable farming and sharing great cheese.



Our resident cheese maker wasn’t always looking to become a cheese maker, but life just sort of lead her to that. After getting a degree in Neuroscience from Brown University, Gillian was ready to take the MCATs and apply to medical school, but realized that she did not want Neuroscience to be her life. Food was the thing that pulled at Gillian. Food was her passion and is today. After meeting cheesemakers at farmers’ markets, she set off to Italy, England and about New England to learn from master cheesemakers. Her goal is to create a uniquely American sheep’s milk cheese and share it with as many people as she can.