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The Hopeful Romantics,

Nathaniel and Gillian

Owners Gillian Marino and Nathaniel Higley are hopeful romantics when it comes to the future of our farms. They both grew up in the same small town in Massachusetts, but it was years later when they first met. Their first date was at the Topsfield Fair, the oldest agricultural fair in the United States. In 2015, they returned not far from where their romance began to start Lillooet Sheep and Cheesery.  


Lillooet is driven by an empassioned vision of a brighter future for farming. Our goal is to bring our community together around sustainably-raised, hand-crafted, small batch cheeses. We don’t seek to measure success on the amount of cheese we can make, but rather on the quality of the cheese we make and on our ability to share our knowledge of regenerative farming and eating with our community. We are committed to regenerative farming from grass to milk to cheese and to raising our animals in a way that is compassionate and gentle on the environment.

Nathaniel walking to pasture (Photo by David Murray).JPG
Sheep & Goats (Photo by David Murray).JPG

The farm is located in Boxford on a property that predates signing of the constitution. The team at Lillooet is working to bring the farm property back to its former glory after 80+ years of overgrowth. Lillooet is the steward of 100 acres of conserved land spread between diverse pastures and rich woodlands. Our herd of East Friesian sheep will be rotationally grazed alongside the goat herd of Dancing Goats Dairy in an effort to regenerate the soil and create a positive impact on the land.

Sheep coming through gate (Photo by David Murray).JPG

The opportunity to share this mission with a team full of passion, motivation and grit: a team willing to put in the time, energy and stamina it takes to create the highest quality product has made us all so thrilled for what these next years have in store. Lillooet is so excited to start their first year of production in 2019 and can’t wait to share the fruits of their labors with the passionate cheese enthusiasts of Massachusetts and beyond.